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Teams from top Fortune 500 companies rely on Plant as an integral part of their workflow.


Time Reduction

Businesses on Plant have managed to decrease their overall product release times by thirty five percent.


Cost Reduction

Plant helped companies decrease their product costs by twenty five percent on average.

Crafted with your business in mind

Launch projects faster while reducing product costs.

Plant is committed to helping your team maximize productivity, track evolution of all projects and optimize workflows to launch projects faster while reducing product costs.

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Flexibility & Security

Enterprise Cloud

Secure and reliable cloud option for businesses that do not want to worry about infrastructure maintenance or application scaling.

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For businesses that are more concerned with their data privacy, data residency and other security requirements that may exist in their enterprise.

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Supporting OpenID Connect and SAML 2 protocols for your centralized security.

Data Security

We provide transfer and at rest encryption for your data.

EU GDPR Compliant

We support your privacy rights for storage and processing of your data.

Scalability & Convenience

Multi Teams

Ability to create multiple team spaces, manage teams efficiently, and track team projects across all of your enterprise.

Multi Admins

Give admin rights to other team members to manage team, team projects and farther expand efficiency of your entire team.


Invite all project stakeholders who are not contributors, to view designs on the web app, leave feedback and follow projects.


Use folders to separate projects into different groups to help your teams be more organized, work with projects easier and save time.

Priority Support

Get immidiate assistance with any issue and recieve expert guidance from our team to help you use Plant the most efficient way.

Custom Domain

Plant gives enterprise users ability to set up their own custom domain which helps teams efficiently use and share project links.

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The customer support alone makes Plant worth it. As for Plant itself, it does what it has to do and it does it well.

Jonathan, Designer at Scolab

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