Simple & designer friendly alternative to Abstract, for design teams.

Why Plant?

Tighter integration with Sketch

Plant is more integrated into Sketch interface than other similar tools which greatly enhances your workflow.

Faster & Secure syncing

Send & Load project versions faster, securely, with confidence, and never fear to lose projects files again.

Work without any distractions

Create projects, send and load versions, manage users, and restore older versions of design all without leaving Sketch.

No file size limits

Plant does not have any size restrictions on file uploads, similar tools can freeze up or crash when dealing with files over 100GB.

Never miss design changes

Plant’s push notification system will let you know when your project has new changes from other contributors.

Sync Protection

Plant protects against incomplete syncing of related artboards, and is aware of all artboard dependencies while preserving the integrity of the latest changes.

Design together with confidence

Powerful Conflict Resolution System

When changes collide, Plant will prompt you to choose, combine or create new artboard inside Sketch.

Plant builds up the conflict resolution process in the order so that conflicts of symbols are resolved first, then the artboards that contain instances of these symbols, and finally the document structure.

Flexible workflow

Quick access to webapp

Conveniently access the webapp from Sketch on a project or artboard level, and view the progress on the design or read comments from your peers.

Organize projects with Folders

Use folders to separate files into different groups to help your team be more organized, find your projects easier and save time.

Send only selected artboards

When sending your latest version, Plant lets you send the whole file or only selected artboards that you want to share.

Support for Sketch Libraries

Plant is smart enough to version Sketch libraries file and contributors won’t lose the latest version of symbols even if they don’t have access to the file.

Looked at multiple Sketch integrations, Abstract, Kaktus and others. Liked Plant for being non intrusive and not forcing a different workflow.
- Happy Plant user

Work easier with local files

Easy way to locate local project files

Continue existing projects with empty file

Deleting local repositories

Branch out from projects

Clear disk space without deleting projects

And much more

View detailed history of changes

Compare any two artboard versions

Leave comments on designs

Restore any previous version

Full security of your data

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