Version control plugin
for Sketch

Version control plugin
for Sketch

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Plant - version control tool for design teams and individuals

How it works

  • Create

    Add new projects directly inside Sketch with Plant’s plugin.

  • Collaborate

    Invite designers to the project and start growing the project together.

  • Sync

    Designers will be able to push their changes to Plant and load changes from others.

  • Launch

    Launch your product faster, smarter and together.

Features & Benefits

  • Sketch App ready

    Seamless integration with Sketch App

  • Easy to use

    Plant’s user friendly experience does not require much learning.

  • Version control

    Plant will keep all the versions you sync to it, and will make version history available to all members in that project.

  • Conflict resolution

    Plant is smart enough to determine if more than one designer worked on the same artboard and will notify about the changes.

  • Activity feed

    All changes to artboards will go to activity feed with designer name, date of the changes and optional note about the changes.

  • Cloud sync

    Plant keeps all project history on the cloud, and makes them available for anyone in the project at any time.

  • Track changes

    Easily see who worked on a version and when, and track all the updates from everyone in the project.

  • Collaborate

    Invite as many designers to the project as you want, sync changes between each other, and see the project grow.

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