Version control plugin
for Sketch

Version control plugin
for Sketch

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Plant - version control tool for design teams and individuals

How it works

  • Create

    Add new projects directly inside Sketch.

  • Collaborate

    Invite designers to the project.

  • Send

    Save your changes to the cloud.

  • Load

    Get other teammates changes.


  • Sketch App ready

    Stay in your workspace with less distraction and more creativity.

  • Detailed version history

    Plant keeps all versions you sync to it, and makes change details available to all members.

  • Web accessible

    View and share your project history on the web.

  • Conflict resolution

    When changes collide, Plant will prompt you choose, combine or create new artboard.

  • Compare

    View difference between any two versions.

  • Secure

    All information transferred encrypted and stored safely.

  • Partial changes

    Send only artboards you want to share.

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